SUP Yoga in Malta. What Is It Like and Why You Should Try It Too!

SUP Yoga Malta

So, you think you know yoga? Or, you think you know SUP? Until you’ve done yoga on a SUP board, you have no idea! Maybe you’re a seasoned yogi, a lover of yoga retreats and a headstand master. Or maybe you sigh and roll your eyes, believing that everyone who likes yoga is also a vegetarian female with a penchant for coconut water. Maybe you’re the owner of a SUP board and have toured the world with paddle in-hand. Maybe you think “SUP” is a way of saying “hi” in America. Whatever yoga and SUP mean to you, SUP Yoga challenges all expectations! SUP Yoga stands for Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. Great news – SUP Yoga is available in Malta!

sup yoga malta

Deep Focus and Connection SUP elevates traditional yoga practices by challenging your balance and focus. It makes even the most simple poses and paddling completely fresh. The deepest parts of your body and soul work in overtime to keep yourself and your mind on the board. In normal yoga practice and SUP session, you can depend on the use of your larger muscle groups to move you within and between poses. During a SUP Yoga session your body is forced to use the smaller muscles that improve your alignment. Usually that’s the muscles inside muscles, like your interior abs, which are the true source of balance. Funnily enough, the interior muscles are also closest to hearts, brains, and chakras! Maybe this is the reason why so many yogis find new connections with their practices after SUP…

First Time Fun Many first-time SUP-ers are also first-time Yogis. A lot of people who are disinclined to try yoga because it’s a “hippie” thing are willing to try SUP. Great! SUP combines two sports into one, meaning that people can explore either one (SUP or yoga) in a new way. Plus, the class is naturally less twisty intimidating than a normal yoga class. Since the very basic yoga poses are practiced, first-time yogis don’t have to be worried about finding themselves tied in knots. First-time SUP-ers and yogis like that SUP Yoga is basically 100% immersion in a new sport. By the time our session is over, most first-time SUP Yogis feel like seasoned veterans!The Best Part One of the most unique things about SUP yoga is Savasana, the final pose. This is a “resting posture” where yogis simply lay on the board, fingers and toes in the water, with the sun on their face and a loose, happy body. During Savasana it’s simply you, the board, and the bright blue water. It’s one of the most magically relaxing ways to meditate. After a challenging SUP Yoga session, your body simply dissolves into the water… For more information on SUP Yoga in and around Malta, find SUP Yoga & Fitness, Malta

sup yoga malta

SUP Yoga in Sunny Malta