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Handstand Like a Pro: Beginner Handstand Classes in Malta with Rosita Jan

  Hey! Would you like to be able to kick into a Handstand just like that? Maybe Handstands are on your bucket list? Have you been curious about Handstands but not sure where to begin? Good news! I run the biggest and most fun Handstand workshops in Malta from absolute beginners to athletes looking to […]

My Top 5 No-Nonsense Reasons for Sunrise Yoga

“Sunrise Yoga? But I Love My Sleep..” I totally get you. It is hard enough to wake up every morning without snoozing your alarm a few times. If you are like me, leaving your bed in the morning can be the most challenging part of your day. So, why would you want to wake up […]

SUP Yoga in Malta. What Is It Like and Why You Should Try It Too!

So, you think you know yoga? Or, you think you know SUP? Until you’ve done yoga on a SUP board, you have no idea! Maybe you’re a seasoned yogi, a lover of yoga retreats and a headstand master. Or maybe you sigh and roll your eyes, believing that everyone who likes yoga is also a […]