My Top 5 No-Nonsense Reasons for Sunrise Yoga

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“Sunrise Yoga? But I Love My Sleep..”

I totally get you. It is hard enough to wake up every morning without snoozing your alarm a few times. If you are like me, leaving your bed in the morning can be the most challenging part of your day. So, why would you want to wake up before your actual wake up time and join me on the mat for some yoga?

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Check out my top 5 reasons to get yourself out of bed for a morning practice:


Stress is often fuelled by our thoughts. By beginning your day with a mindful combination of breath and physical movement you will create space for more mental clarity, evoking a relaxation response in your body and mind. You will feel more in control of your thoughts and will be able to return to the state of calm at any point during the day by simply remembering what that felt like when you practiced in on your yoga mat.


Have you ever bumped into someone/your partner/family member/friend after they had just been to a yoga class? Or have you seen any of the happy social media posts of people who just finished their practice? Yoga is known to bring one into a happier place. Staying present throughout the practice gives you a chance to disconnect from your never ending to-do list and that in itself just feels great. You will leave the practice feeling recharged and motivated to tackle whatever it is that the day throws your way.


Whether you run, lift heavy weights, do crossfit, attend gym sessions, yoga is a great way to compliment your already existing workout routine. Yoga poses practiced regularly will over time lengthen your muscles, tendons and ligaments which will result in improved range and motion and flexibility. Win win!


Why is this important? Yoga helps to improve body alignment resulting in better posture and helping to relieve back, neck, joint and muscles problems. And if that alone wasn’t enough, when it comes to non-verbal communication, a good posture conveys a message of confidence, openness and being in control of any given situation.


If you have been to any of my yoga classes, you know that I am very passionate about teaching fun/playful yoga poses which sometimes might feel intimidating to attempt. Nothing gives me as much joy as seeing people achieving things they never thought they could. Crow Pose? Tripod? Headstand? Come play with me!

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Hope to see you soon!