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Handstand Like a Pro: Beginner Handstand Classes in Malta with Rosita Jan

  Hey! Would you like to be able to kick into a Handstand just like that? Maybe Handstands are on your bucket list? Have you been curious about Handstands but not sure where to begin? Good news! I run the biggest and most fun Handstand workshops in Malta from absolute beginners to athletes looking to […]

Sunrise Yoga Flow in Sunny Malta

With a few minutes to spare before teaching Sunrise Yoga, I allowed my body to flow…

My Top 5 No-Nonsense Reasons for Sunrise Yoga

“Sunrise Yoga? But I Love My Sleep..” I totally get you. It is hard enough to wake up every morning without snoozing your alarm a few times. If you are like me, leaving your bed in the morning can be the most challenging part of your day. So, why would you want to wake up […]