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Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Malta

Become a certified Yoga Teacher! 7 week part-time course

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course

You’ve dreamed of one day taking a Yoga Teaching Training Course but the idea of taking a whole month off work and family seems like a fantasy? Then we have got the course for you. During our part-time 200 hours Teacher Training Course (TTC) you will be able to cover the same material as you would in a full-time TTC in your free time without having to leave your family or work behind!

Part-time Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) which will be spread over 7 weeks with 3 sessions a week and offers a certification at the 200hr level that enables you to register as an internationally-recognised yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

  • Tuesdays 7:00pm - 10:30pm

  • Thursdays 7:00pm - 10:30pm

  • Saturdays 8:00am - 4:00pm

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February 4 - 19 March, 2020


This course is designed for interested practitioners who are ready to teach as well as those who are simply looking to enrich and grow their personal practice.

The aim is to help you understand what your path is within yoga. What feels most honest, authentic and true to your individual nature. No two people will have the same journey and this course creates an environment that will help you find your individual voice.

The training is focused on the Vinyasa format of sequencing. Rosita Jan will lead you through this exciting journey. Expect an honest insight into the transition of becoming a teacher and the practical integration of yoga into your life beyond the mat. This training merges the spiritual practice of the East with the physical practice of the West, as Rosita Jan believes that combining ancient wisdom and modern science offers the most well rounded education and cohesive experience.

This will be the beginning of a lifelong journey, and we will set a solid foundation for you to feel confident and ready to share your newly gained skills with your future students.

Please get in touch, and I will be happy to send you an application form.

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  • - Meditation

  • - Developing a personal practice


  • - The Art of Teaching

  • - Cues and instruction of Yoga Poses

  • - Safety in Teaching

  • - Sequencing

  • - Script Writing and Sequence Notation

  • - Adjustments

  • - Energy and how it relates to teaching

  • - Teaching to Absolute Beginners

  • - Business of Yoga


  • - Anatomy of the spine

  • - Yoga Anatomy

  • - Compression vs. tension

  • - Cueing trends

  • - Bandhas

  • - Drishti

  • - Nervous System

  • - Injuries

  • - Subtle Body Anatomy: Prana, Energetics, Koshas, Chakra system, Nadis, Gunas

You will learn


  1. - History of Yoga

  2. - Lineage of Yoga

  3. - Ethics of Yoga

  4. - Yoga beyond the mat


  1. - Daily Home Practice

  2. - Teaching Journaling / self-study

  3. - Readings

  4. - Feedback and assessment

Your certification

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance. By successfully graduating from this course, you will be qualified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT® 200) and ready to teach beginner and intermediate Vinyasa Yoga classes internationally.

Meet Your Teacher

rosita jan vinyasa yoga teacher training malta

Rosita Jan

E-RYT® 500, YACEP®

International yoga and mixed movement teacher, all-things-yoga business entrepreneur based in Malta. Rosita's yoga teaching journey began in 2013 which eventually lead her to quitting her job in the corporate world to pursue teaching full time. What started as a fun exercise, progressed into a series of all-encompassing workout systems inspired by yoga, calisthenics, crossfit, mixed movements, trapeze yoga and SUP yoga.

Rosita is the creator of SUP Yoga & Fitness Malta (International SUP Yoga Teacher Trainings) and Trapeze Fitness & Yoga Malta. Being one of the first certified Trapeze Yoga Teachers worldwide, she works closely with YOGABODY Barcelona leading teacher trainings online and in-person. Rosita has trained with a number of internationally acclaimed pioneers like Briohny Smyth, Dice Iida-Klein, Honsa & Claudine Lafond, Lucas Rockwood, Mackenzie Mille, Mathieu Boldron, Cameron & Melayne Shayne.





E-RYT Registered Yoga Trainer / YACEP Provider

Hatha Yoga Cert (200hr)

Vinyasa Yoga Cert (300hr)

Pre & Post Natal and Children & Teens Yoga (30hr)

SUP Yoga Cert (25hr)

Budokon Yoga Cert (50hr)

Thai Massage Level 1 (30hr)

Yoga Trapeze® Cert (50hr)

Yoga Trapeze® Trainer Cert (25hr)

RYT200 hour certification Rosita Jan RYT 500 hour certification Rosita Jan YACEP Yoga Certification Rosita Jan


- At least 6 months of consistent yoga practice or a passionate curiosity.

- Completion of an application and interview with lead teacher

- A Pre-reading & Studying list will be sent out to you before the course. ​

*Please note that we have the right to amend course content, program, add or delete teachers and or facilities without prior knowledge.


Payment Terms and Conditions: ​

Payments are due as follows:

- €350 (non refundable payment) to hold your spot (payment 1)

- Remaining payment of €1,345 due by the end of the training (payment 2)

- Total cost for the course is €1,695 (*€1,595.00 when paying all at once)

Refund policies:

- No refunds of remaining payments for cancellations after the course start date.

Payment methods: ​

- Bank transfer (all fees covered by the sender)

- PayPal (all fees covered by the sender)

- Revolut

- Please let us know your preferred payment method and we will give you according details. ​

The Course Fee Includes:

- All training manuals, access to E-Learning & Resource platform online, exams and certification. ​

The Course Fee does NOT include:

- Required pre-reading.

*We reserve the right to cancel the scheduled Yoga Teacher Trainings. In the unlikely event that this occurs, a full refund will be returned to the client.​

Booking Made Simple

To sign up for this course, simply follow the numbered steps below. If you have any issues or questions before deciding to come onboard, use the contact form to get in touch with Rosita who can answer your questions. Remember to include which course date you are interested in.

Previous course photography!

sup yoga teacher training Malta
sup yoga teacher training malta

Real reviews from others who have taken my courses!

Sigridur Yr, Iceland, June 2019

"Rosita is such an amazing instructor! My friend recommended her SUP Yoga Instructor training and im so happy to have booked her training and a trip to beautiful Malta! Rosita is very professional and has a great presence and I had such a great time on the training. The course was very compact and i went straight back to Iceland and will be guiding my first SUP Yoga class now ..a couple of weeks after my training! Thank you dear Rosita for your hard work and dedication which is so inspiring and encouraging!"

Anna Gavrilova, Cyprus, May 2019

"I want to express my great gratitude for an excellent course on yoga from Rosita. This is a big plus to my knowledge and my lessons."

Timea Laskai, Malta, May 2019

"I completed an online sup yoga course. It was so easy to comprehend by their method trough explaining even the smallest details. I’ve never thought it’s possible to drive someone like that, by giving and transmitting knowledge, and I know my English is actually not as well i wished...With successful mini exams I become even more confident also to teach. For every question I got the answers fast, and Rosita was really helpful in every situation. I saw a fantastic job, and I appreciate as well to learn from such a fantastic person, who’s so motivated (down to the roots) to teaching. I'm very grateful! Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

Valerie Mattheus, Switzerland, May 2019

"Very professional training and an amazing experience."

Flip Giles, UK, June 2019

"I have just finished my three-day training with Rosita, I can honestly say it was one of the best TTC's I've been on. The course was really well structured and concise with all the notes and additional reading material provided. We were out on the water teaching at sunrise on day 2, a real pinch me moment! Rosita really knows her stuff and is more than happy to pass on her valuable knowledge and experiences to other aspiring SUP Yogi teachers. Malta is beautiful and the sea was just gorgeous! Thank you so much Rosita such a fabulous experience!"

Topaz Davis, USA, June 2019

"Rosita is an amazing teacher! Her SUP teacher training course was so inspiring, challenging, and educational! She's so professional, intelligent, and a #girlboss! I learned SO much from her course. I had never paddle boarded in my entire life when I joined the course and she was patient, kind, and supportive. By the end of the 3 days, I had improved SO much and was able to confidently paddle and teach. Her knowledge of yoga, teaching, and SUP is the most honest, smart, and useful guidance I've ever come across. If you're thinking of joining her SUP classes or teaching course, you HAVE to!"

Linda Tso, May 2018

"Wonderful experience with Rosita!!! Three days of intensive training. Comprehensive teaching, covering paddling and yoga, as well as teaching techniques. Rosita is very energetic, experienced and talented. Keeping a small group of students, each one can have lots of attentions. I enjoyed a lot and I strongly recommend this training to those who like to have fun and learn at the same time."

Monica Riccomi, June 2018

"Amazing training! Three fantastic days. Everything was great! Rosita is a very professional teacher and the location perfect. I recommend this Sup Yoga Training for sure."

Alexandra Teliou, Greece, May 2017

"Very well organised course, approaching the sup subject from many different angles! Rosita is an encouraging, enthusiastic and authentic teacher!"

Mirit Orly, Israel, August 2017

"I am thankful for this Teacher Training. I enjoyed every minute of if. The teacher Rosita is wonderful and patient. I really appreciate the Teacher Training and all I have learned."

Jane Cradick, UK, August 2017

"I have just completed my SUP yoga teacher training with the beautiful Rosita.What can I say! I never expected to learn so much,not just about SUP yoga, but about how to be a successful yoga teacher, how to believe in your own abilities and to live your dream!Rosita’s light is so bright that she cannot help but ignite it in others. She absolutely loves teaching and cares a lot about her students, I found myself smiling the entire time!"

Gabby Louise, UK, September 2017

"Rosita was so enthusiastic and really knew her stuff. Impressed with her teacher training manual, very detailed and informative and will be fundamental to my SUP Yoga class planning. Thank you!"

Kristiina Saarna, Estonia, September 2017

"The training was well structured and included physical practice, theory, teaching skills and social media aspects. While covering a broad range of subjects, it was never boring or too much to handle. Instead, a lot of useful fun during the 3 days. Rosita passes on her knowledge in a very inspiring way and takes good care of her students. I am extremely happy that I decided to do the SUP YTT in Malta, most valuable experience."

Bärbel Hoek, Germany, September 2017

"Teacher Training with Rosita... Amazing experience. Rosita is outstanding, she knows exactly what she is doing and how to teach to us, so we will never forget. Besides she is very warmful and caring to her students, smiling always not only from her face but also from her heart. She is really beautiful, from the outside and inside. I am very grateful to have met her."

Zita Hough, Ireland, June 2017

"Rosita hosted the most enjoyable and comprehensive three day training course that managed to be both fun and educational! Integrating her own classes as a gauge of what was to come, we were so lucky to have had such a professional and driven teacher guiding us through. Highly recommend this SUP Yoga teacher training, held under blue skies in one of the most beautiful places on earth!"

Kim De Ceulaer, Belgium, August 2017

"Had an amazing time at the sup yoga teacher training. Learned so much from Rosita. She's a real inspiration to me, so much passion, very sweet, caring and know's perfectly how to teach you everything about the sup yoga. Highly recommend!"

Ainania Tecul Torres, Spain, July 2017

"I'm feeling really confident to teach sup yoga classes after taking this training. The part I liked the most is the poses you only can do on the board, original and TRUE! I improved my way of teaching and Rosita helped me with my weaknesses. Thanks lovely!"

Mari Collyer, Malta, May 2017

"I had such an amazing experience on the training course. Rosita is an outstanding teacher. As someone who is generally quite nervous when out of my comfort zone ..I found Rosita has bucket loads of patience while gently encouraging you to meet your edge in an empowering way, and with confidence. The course is professional, well organised and concise....and above all amazing fun."

Carolina Musmeci, Sweden, May 2017

"Great experience and I'm thankful I attended as I learned a lot. It's a totally different experience to do yoga on the board as it challenges your balance and focus, in a very positive way. Sea, sun & yoga = perfect combination!"

Krisztina Kovács, August 2016

"The course was really comprehensive, well organised, spontaneous activity and fun wasn't missing either! We've got many useful theoretical and practical skills! Thank you Rosita for that 3 remarkable days!."

Karolina Draumann, August 2016

"This training was really good! Truly recommend it. Rosita shares her passion for SUP Yoga and you will gain lots of useful knowledge about everything you need to confidently set up your own classes/events/yoga business. Every day was great, spent in the sunshine in beautiful Malta!"

Heidi Timonen, July 2016

"I can recommend this training to all yoga instructors! The teacher Rosita is really putting lots of effort to making sure you are learning, enjoying and having fun! Content of the training is wide and comprehensive. In 3 days you will learn a lot and first and foremost you are ready to host safe SUP yoga/paddle classes. Malta is also worth a visit, plenty of sun, fun and beautiful places."