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SUP Yoga Malta

Get Certified to Teach SUP Yoga Internationally (Yoga Alliance Course)

Do you want to get your SUP certification with a Teacher Training In-Person in Malta or Online? You are in the right place!

I created two options for you to embark your SUP Yoga Teacher Training  journey in the best way and formula for you. I am Rosita Jan and myself and my teaching team will be your teachers and guides all over this transformative experience. 

The first option is to come to Malta and start practicing with me and a yogi community to get your certification on the field. Sup Yoga Teacher Training in Malta consists of learning how to practice the traditional exercises on Stand Up Paddle (SUP), while learning more about your body and yourself as well. This activity allows to obtain a considerable improvement in balance and to exploit deep muscles that otherwise would not be able to train. To these advantages there are added the benefits of breathing in the open air exposure to the sun that makes vitamin D synthesize and the possibility of taking a pleasant dip in the sea once the session is over or when the balance of a position is lost .

Unlike yoga practiced between four walls or on a lawn, doing a Sup Yoga exercise in Malta with us literally allows you to leave your thoughts on land, while body and mind relax by being rocked by the waves. This produces on the psychic level a great sense of freedom to which is added the relaxation that is obtained in maintaining control of breathing and certain asanas one is in equilibrium on the ocean, giving rise to an incredible physical, mental and spiritual experience. 

sup yoga teacher training malta

You don’t have the chance to come to Malta? No problem! I have an Online SUP Yoga Teacher Training open internationally to give you all the information and the content you need to learn and get qualified in SUP yoga.

This is a great tool to help you work on your yogi education and practice at your own pace, having 12 months to complete the course! Besides that, this type of course is the best resource to create your own business as well with tons of content, tips and tools to help you create a powerful strong dynamic business as a SUP Yoga expertise!

For more info check my website and choose the right option for you!